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The Esko Kongsberg V-series of tables are for entry-level sign and sample making

Engineering solutions with Korean and European technologyParle Global Technology displays Leepack machinesSince the last 27 years Parle Global Technology has been providing engineering solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Apart from the pharmaceutical industry, Parle Group has been attending to the food, beverages and the consumer healthcare industries since 2006 and are now planning to launch it in a big way. The Group comprises divisions with manufacturing and exporting of tablet presses, tablet tooling, tablet printing, counting and filling lines, tube filling and cartoning machines.The Parle Global Technology stand at PackPlus South 2015. Photo PSAIt was Parle Global’s first exhibition in Bengaluru. Jaynish Shah, deputy manager-product, Parle Global Technologies, said, “It is a very good touch base, a platform to meet our customers here and build our relationship with them. Our perspective clients have developed and with coverage of market and as per our reach we will be able to achieve certain good figures particularly with the help of this exhibition. In Bengaluru and South India, MTR, Mayur foods, Gold winner and Archies are already our customers.”

“We have divided our products into three segments – processing, primary packaging, and secondary packaging. Besides packaging, we provide Individual Quick Freezing – a latest technology available in freezing to preserve and store raw fruit, vegetables in the same farm-fresh condition for more than a year along with sterilization, a manufacturing line from Italy, and packaging line from Korea. We also provide secondary packaging line from Korean and Japanese companies. Our clients are always niche clients and have supplied around 54 machines in India. All our customers are repeat customers, they have been loyal to us. For customization, we have a team of 59 people dedicated to the particular engineering division of food and beverage,” said Shah.

Parle Global has customized support in India there are certain companies we are planning to enter into joint ventures with for technology transfer. “We have about 13 to 14 principles and have new products in India which can be seen in Leepack. With further plans of expansion, we have taken a huge land at Sanand in Gujarat for four factories. Currently our company turnover is around `250 crore with 770 employees. But sooner or later, we will go into the food segment. Hopefully, in a couple of years we will be seen as a very big division for food and beverages. We provide complete solutions in packaging pouch fill seal, retorts, and sachets. RTE foods, MTR, diary, sea food, and marine foods are our major clients,” Shah said.

“Our products are not from the local market as we import goods and come with Korean and European technology. We are trying to penetrate the Indian market and are coming up slowly but surely for our quality conscious clients,” Shah added.