Sealed Air at Pack Expo International 2016

“We are looking to go beyond cushioning solutions in Indiaâ€


“We have been working with Snapdeal for some time now, where we have been providing some of our cushioning solutions. Also, we are working with Snapdeal on how to enhance their capacity and productivity,” says Ken Chrisman, president – product care, Sealed Air.

Although, currently Sealed Air has very limited offerings in India, mainly providing cushioning solutions, it has plans to increase its footprint in coming years. Daniel Adam, also from the product care division, says that a lot of knowledge and technology transfer would be needed to bring Sealed Air’s automated solutions to India. “Transfer of knowledge would be our priority so that we expand beyond just cushioning and into automated solutions.”

Commenting on the challenges faced by the eCommerce industry in India in terms of packaging, Adam says the biggest one is that of right sizing the corrugated packaging. He further adds that lack of standardization of corrugated packaging is another challenge which needs to be sorted out by the Indian eCommerce industry.
Talking about Sealed Air’s immediate plans for India, Chrisman says, the focus would be to begin manufacturing base material for cushioning solutions in India itself so that raw materials can be sourced locally. “I am a big advocate of the Make in India initiative,” he states.

The highlights of the displayed show at Pack Expo included Sealed Air’s recently launched StealthWrap, a packaging product that provides security and protection while eliminating the need for extra shipping cartons and packing materials. When applied, StealthWrap shrinks and adheres to the dimensions of the product, obscures any markings or identification of the product inside, and provides a strong, damage-resistant covering.

Another innovative solution for the eCommerce industry on show was Flowrap, a solution for the high-volume, high-demand eCommerce market. It creates ready-to-ship, customized polybag packages at a rate of up to 30 packs per minute (or more).

Also on display was the I-Pack, an automated box solution designed for fulfillment operations where the goal is to minimize costs. After the tray is formed and the contents inserted, the tray is folded to the right height and the box sealed with a lid.

In terms of cushioning solutions, there were Bubble Wrap IB Expressions, customized Bubble Wraps which are shaped, colored, and scented, and Bubble Wrap IB POUCH, which provides cushioning in pouch for consistent protection.