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Security Printers 2018, 21-23 March, Dublin

Sun Chemical and Luminescence to showcase combined portfolios for banknote production

Posted on Friday, 09 March 2018. Posted in Packaging Production . Written by PSA Desk

Sun Chemical and Luminescence to showcase combined portfolios for banknote production

At Security Printers 2018, to be held from 21–23 March at The Convention Centre, Dublin, Ireland, Sun Chemical will, for the first time, showcase its range of banknote production products in combination with those of Luminescence, which it has recently acquired.

Presenting their united portfolios on their jointly branded, combined stands (100 and 101), Sun Chemical and Luminescence will offer customers a comprehensive range of offset and intaglio inks for currency printing. Protecting the logistical movement of banknotes within the cash cycle, Sun Chemical’s SunNote family covers almost all aspects of the banknote production process and has now been extended with SunNote Sculpt, based on the waterwipe intaglio technology from Luminescence. These products complement Luminescence’s proven full range of security inks for producing banknotes, passports, ID cards and other value documents that are already widely used in the security printing industry. Luminescence will be using the exhibition to highlight some new features that can be incorporated into security stitching threads for binding passports and also demonstrating Fire & Ice, a blue fluorescent ink which shows a dramatic red afterglow. This feature is now available for offset printing to add higher security and interactivity to UV fluorescent designs on documents.

At the event, Sun Chemical will also demonstrate its expertise and commitment to the wider security printing and brand protection industry. There will also be products from C.T.LAY, another company recently acquired by Sun Chemical and a global leader in pre-laid overlays and pre-patched holograms, and, through 4PLATE, experienced in sophisticated lamination plates with security elements and plasma coatings.

Stefaan D’Hoore, business director – Security Inks, Sun Chemical says, “This is the fifth time that Sun Chemical has exhibited at Security Printers, but the first time that we are joined by Luminescence, the latest addition to the Sun Chemical family. Together we can now offer the market an unsurpassed range of security inks and pigments dedicated to the banknote printing industry. We understand the highly specialized needs of this market and, as shown by our acquisitions of both Luminescence and C.T.LAY, are heavily investing resources to add to our product portfolio for currencies and bank cards. As a result of our investments, Sun Chemical can now offer customers one of the broadest and most technologically advanced product portfolios for security printing and brand protection.”

Previewing its latest development in brand protection through its Verigard machine readable inks and varnishes, Sun Chemical will also have on show a prototype of its next-generation handheld reader that offers fast, reliable and robust authentication of products in the field. The reader is programmed to look for a complex combination of Verigard taggants that have been introduced into spot colors or used in combination with other security solutions such as Color Shift ink to provide a multi-layered protection from a single secure source. Having scanned for the taggants, the reader, which is compatible with all mobile phone platforms and can wirelessly connect to a mobile phone via a secure app, will then respond with a pass or fail signal.

Sun Chemical will also highlight SunCarte, its unique range of inks for all print processes used in the manufacture of security documents, polycarbonate laminated ID cards and laminated credit and banking cards. Featuring screen and offset inks, varnishes and adhesives used in the production of secure documents and ID cards, the SunCarte products can be complemented by various overt and covert security features to meet the demands of the highest level security printers.
Sun Chemical/Luminescence will be present at Stand 100/101 and C.T.LAY at Stand 46 at Security Printers 2018.

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