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Disposal logistics from Hunkeler Systeme at interpack

Posted on Monday, 24 July 2017. Posted in Labels . Written by Naresh Khanna

Disposal logistics from Hunkeler Systeme at interpack Erich Hodel, director marketing, Hunkeler Systeme

Hunkeler Systeme, a company that automates waste collection and sorting generated by book, label and packaging production processes, focussed on disposal logistics for the packaging industry at interpack. A waste disposal system plays a key role in the packaging supply chain. The integrity of the packaging against counterfeiting must be kept in mind so that the waste is recycled where possible but not stolen and misused for fake goods, as well as the optimization of waste recycling and disposal. The disposal logistics must therefore be viewed as a component of the entire production system and included in planning right from the start.

The automated waste disposal system works according to the efficient vacuum principle—air is cleaned of paper dust by a filter system and released into the atmosphere following purification. An energy saving system and automatic cut-off reduce the operational energy costs by 40%. At interpack, Hunkeler Systeme showed its compact HKU 2000-V system which has an endless tube for collection of shredded scraps of metallic foils and edge trims. By tying off the tube and then disconnecting it, the system always stays sealed—neither the scraps of foil and paper nor dust can enter the ambient area—and the production process can continue to function continuously.

These waste systems can also be connected to disposal systems for making energy brick out of shredded label liners and matrices, security documents and banknotes.

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