Manufacturers can meet changing coding, labelling requirements


Recent developments in the beverage industry have encouraged manufacturers to find innovative ways to help drive sales. It is forecasted that global beverage sales will grow by 3.9% in 2016 compared to 2015. Like most industries, the beverage industry has seen an increasing trend of health and wellness products, and with varying packaging types, sizes and product requirements, staying on top of consumer preferences is becoming an ever more difficult task for beverage manufacturers and packaging designers.

Printing best by dates, lot codes and other information onto the package is an essential task for beverage manufacturers, as retailers look at this information to assist them with stock rotation, and consumers use this information to check for product freshness. However, printing the required information is not as straightforward as it sounds. Chirag Sheth, vertical marketing manager for beverage at Videojet says, “Different flavours, packaging and nutritional requirements all add coding complexity to a beverage manufacturer. There are many factors that must be considered when selecting the right type of coding equipment for a specific beverage production line.”

Customizable coding solutions are also helping manufacturers in the beverage industry directly connect with consumers with the application of intelligent variable codes on their products. Sheth continues, “We appreciate the trends that are changing the way beverage manufacturers of all sizes are behaving. With the Beverage Hub, it is our aim to make it as simple as possible by providing relevant information they need in a language they can relate to – all in one location.”

Videojet is a world-leader in the product identification market, providing in-line printing, coding, and marking products, application specific fluids, and product life cycle services and has a long history of serving the beverage industry with a strong portfolio of coding and marking solutions.  Videojet’s distribution network includes more than 400 distributors and OEMs, serving 135 countries.