P&G develops child-resistant closures for laundry pods

Proctor & Gamble has improved the protection of its laundry pods by upgrading the previous child-deterrent closure on tubs with one that has passed child-resistant closure testing

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has developed new and better child-resistant closures for tubs of Tide laundry pods and liquid detergents. The result of a three-year R&D development and testing project, P&G’s Child-Guard lids for Tide PODS and Gain Flings Tubs exhibit superior child-resistance and make it much more difficult for children to access the products.

Tide PODS has been a revolutionary new innovation in liquid laundry products but has faces problems in children mistaking the pods for sweets and ingesting them leading to poisoning accidents. This had led to the earlier development of Child-Guard zippers and film innovations in bags to alleviate this problem; P&G were looking for similar safety devices and difficult-to-open lids for their tubs as well.

The new lids require simultaneous squeezing and twisting of the lids to open them and also require higher strength to do this. Instructions for doing so are clearly explained on the top of these lids. With this new development, child-resistant closures will now be available on all P&G’s liquid detergent products.

P&G have claimed a 39% reduction in incidents of ingestion as a result of their child-resistant closure initiatives.


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