Skypack exhibits at Pack Expo for the first time

“Our expertise is in offering small-sized solutionsâ€


“We have expertise in small-sized solutions. With the popularity of small packaging rising in the US, we are quite optimistic about our growth here as well,” said Naveen Talwar, director – marketing, Skypack India.
Currently, the company derives less than 1% of its business from the US but hopes that shares will go up in the near future. “We do not say that we have a very big advantage vis-a-vis our competitors when it comes to quality. But, yes, when it comes to cost we certainly have a decent advantage,” Talwar emphasized.
Outlining their plans for the US market, he said the most important thing right now for the company is to look for a representative. Talwar is hoping to have a representative who would be an exclusive one for the US market.