Bobst open house at Concord Printing

Vadodara’s first Vision Fold 110 with 4 & 6 corner options

Arshaad Memon, owner, Concord Printing and Indian Sub-Continent Business Unit - Sheet Fed - Bobst India at open house

“With the installation of the new folder-gluer with its 4- and 6-corner options, productivity has increased and we can finish over 40,000 lock-bottom cartons in an hour. As per our need, the Vision Fold handles all the styles including complex boxes and also delivers consistent quality with fast changeovers. The initial capital investment is huge but it promises a stress-free working environment as we are actively supported by Bobst’s service team. Bobst is the one that gives the reliability – Bobst is trust.”

When four-and-a-half-decade-old Concord Printing encountered a period of slow growth in commercial print, it diversified to monocartons for the food, pharma and FMCG segments. The diversification also entailed the installation of a 25 x 36 inch RMGT 920 6-colour plus coater offset press. The full UV sheetfed offset press has six AMS P3 UV cassette curing systems. Concord plans to further expand its packaging capabilities by acquiring an Esko cutting and creasing sample-making table for carton prototypes.

Bobst Open house at Concord Printing, Vadodara

During the open house, Puneet Aggarwal, national sales head for Bobst’s Folding Carton unit, explained the folder gluer’s long structure, “To run the Vision Fold entirely at the speed of 350 meters a minute, we need the machine to be at least 12 meters long. And since the folder gluer already has the required length and space, a converter can retrofit the 4- and 6-corner module at any time.”