Uflex to roll out first CI flexo by July 2017

8-color 1.3 metre-wide gearless 400 m/min press

L And R: Sanjay Sabharwal of the Uflex engineering division, Gianfranco Nespoli of Comiflex and Ajay Tandon of Uflex engineering and new product development at the Uflex engineering division at Noida. Photo PSA

The initial design and development work of the CI flexo press will be done in Italy, while the manufacturing bit will happen in India. However, in the future design and development may also be extended to India, according to Tandon. All the components have been specified and the outsourced components, whether to be imported or locally bought, have been ordered while others are under manufacture at the Uflex engineering plant. Currently, 50% of the components to be used in the press will be sourced from Europe while the remaining will be indigenous. However, Uflex aims at taking up the indigenous sourcing to about 80%.

The most critical and important component of the CI press—the CI cylinder—will be imported from Europe, but it may be manufactured in India at a later stage. “In fact, manufacturing CI drums in India could be a dream because of the steps involved and the infrastructure to have all those steps under a single roof may not be practical,” says Sabharwal.