Avon Pacfo eyes larger share of the Indian packaging market

Targeting SMEs with small order quantity requirements

Himanshu Bhansali, co-founder, Avon Pacfo at their plant in Faridabad

The Avon Pacfo portal is projected as a one-stop solution for all kinds of packaging and shipping material requirements where buyers can procure cartons, BOPP tapes, polypacks, pallets and a range of packaging and shipping material. They have a calculator integrated to every product display to show the exact price of the product as per industry norms. There is also a 3D animated option showing how a particular box is folded. A customer can obtain an estimate by typing in his requirement and then make an informed purchase decision. Overall, this makes every deal absolutely transparent.

The main target group comprises SMEs and eCommerce companies including big players like Amazon. However, there are also thousands of other companies, mainly startups, with interesting packaging ideas who are looking for quality and consistency in supply of small order quantities. Bhansali says this has opened up an entirely new segment between B2C and B2B. Avon Pacfo ensures the same level of service for small orders as they do for slightly bigger ones or for bulk orders. They have a strong focus on digital marketing to enhance their online presence.

Avon Pacfo has a wide range of products like boxes, wrapping rolls, tapes, bags, edge-protectors, core pipes, strapping and pallets in addition to customized products. The company has no minimum order quantity policy. It intends to aggregate all the small order quantities from the small-scale industries where the requirements range from 100 to 300 boxes.