“Looking to get a foothold in the US market”

Alpha Plastomers exhibits at Pack Expo for the first time


“We are growing and we are already exporting a lot. So, we thought why not start looking seriously at the US market. We are already suppliers to the European, Middle Eastern, African and Southeast Asian markets. The US and the wider North American regions were the only markets we did not have much presence in. By being present at Pack Expo, we hope to get our foot in the door,” says Akshay Agarwal, director, Alpha Plastomers.

Outlining his plans to grow in the North American market, Agarwal says that the company is looking to set up a distribution channel in the US. It is planning to work with companies who trade in the kind of films Alpha makes. “We have met some interesting visitors at Pack Expo and feel confident that we will take on Chinese and Taiwanese players in the US market. In fact, I want to stress that we have already successfully taken on the Chinese and Taiwanese players in other markets. The government is supportive and our exchange rate is also favorable for exports. So, we hope to do a great job in North America as well.”

Talking about the segments the company is looking to cater to, Agarwal says it would be the food industry, furniture industry and other household products.

Alpha also manufactures PET bottles but currently has no plans to bring those to the international market. “Currently, our PET solutions are only for the Indian market,” he says.