German Packaging Award 2016

Packaging Award honours the best innovations of the year

Coke bottle with innovative wrapping label for special occasions. Technically intelligent solution with seasonal value for high-speed lines. A commercial label solution was created where a loop forms a classic wrapping label: the Coke bottle with Christmas tree ornaments or Christmas gift ribbons. Submitted by: Coca-Cola Europe + Constantia Labels GmbH

From bicycle repair kits, new packaging concepts for the production of food straight from the field, functional pharmaceutical packaging to ensure correct dosage, clever closing systems, smart packaging, new production processes, innovative materials, innovations in packaging machines and new solutions for increased capacity in transport and logistics, the winners of the German Packaging Award 2016 illustrate how creative, persistent and powerful the industry is in meeting the challenges of the present and of the future.

Strong field of participants
“Once again in 2016 we have been delighted by an extremely strong field,” says Bettina Horenburg, dvi board member and person in charge of the German Packaging Award. “Our jury, hailing from business, research, education and the media had a demanding job given the range and generally high quality of the participants. In the end, a total of 35 outstanding solutions were chosen according to the respective criteria in each of the 10 competition categories.”

Diverse solutions
The variety of innovations is also reflected in the materials used. Plastic, glass, corrugated cardboard, paper, cardboard, tin, aluminium and composite materials were used. The winners come from the fields of design and finishing (5), functionality and convenience (9), merchandizing (4), economy (2), sustainability (4), security (1), logistics and material handling (2), new material (1) and packaging machines (3). Four awards were given in a separate category to young talent for their fresh, functional ideas.

Gold medals and awards ceremony
Winners of the 2016 awards will be presented and celebrated at a public ceremony on the first day of the FachPack trade fair in Nuremberg, and receive their trophy, seal and certificate. The announcement at the event of the three Gold Award winners is eagerly awaited. The jury will be distinguishing three of the winning innovations with the Gold Award. These are solutions that in the eyes of the jury earn special recognition, because they push trends forward in a unique way, find important answers or act as a pioneer in an entirely new way.