2021 – The new normal and the need for ‘ambiguity tolerance.’

Print influences CAPEX decisions in our industry

In the current year, we have worked hard in the face of the pandemic. And tried to attune our thinking when confronted by a rampant virus that we barely understand – with the need for ‘ambiguity tolerance.’ We suggest that the coming year must be taken on with humility and undue risks avoided while our platforms can help you reach your potential customers. A big thank you to those of you who kept their advertising in place and supported us in the pandemic and the lockdown. We could not have survived without you.

This is the right time to connect with the subcontinent’s fast-growing packaging industry from your responsive and fast-growing hub in New Delhi. Packaging South Asia is the most influential channel and platform in the region, the Delhi-based B2B print monthly, its web platform, eMail newsletters, and eMagazines are a dominant and wide-band channel.

In its fifteenth year, Packaging South Asia reaches owners and professionals across Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and Asia. The magazine’s premium content and look reflect the spirit of change, modernity, and excellence. This is the relevant platform for reaching out to the professional and world-class packaging industries emerging in this region.

Manufactured goods, organized retail, domestic consumption, and exports are growing here. The packaging industry in the subcontinent was growing in double digits before the disruptive Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of hygienic packaging for food, pharma, beverage, and liquor that drive it. Increased urbanization and modern multi-brand retail are factors in a society where packaging itself implies quality.

Our continuity takes on the disruption of the pandemic

The significant packaging and label events in South Asia, Europe, and North America have been canceled or postponed. More than ever, the opportunity is to use our omnichannel platforms for communication, interaction, engagement to an audience that is hungry to keep up with the latest technology. Our readers want to know what is possible. What is new? Is it appropriate for their needs!

In a disrupted environment albeit hopefully recovering climate, the best messaging is by using the reliable and trusted B2B trade platforms that we have created over 40 years. Your potential customers are in the habit of reading us on their phones, their computers, and in print. Our web analytics have more than doubled during the first six months of the pandemic. We have printed and circulated every monthly issue even if some were delayed because of the lockdowns.

Premium content in the right context

The Packaging South Asia platform covers the entire packaging supply chain from marketing and design, printing and converting, filling and sealing, end-of-line, track and trace, and logistics. All print, decoration, and converting technologies including, gravure, offset, flexo, and digital, are covered. All formats and technologies are covered. Just have a look at our website – the perspective of end-users – brand owners and packaging buyers inform our tech-savvy content.

Can we expand your universe?

With ever-expanding domain knowledge, one of the best editorial teams in the industry dominates print and web in this region. The opportunity for enterprising suppliers is to do more with our platforms – to use our channels to reach beyond their own universe. To go beyond the few known customers and reach a larger, more random, yet still addressable and targeted universe from Dubai to Japan.

Our readers value our integrity and fairness. Packaging South Asia establishes the right context for your products to be seen and appreciated. They are in the right frame of mind to look for innovation, efficiency, and first-mover advantage. With first-hand coverage of national and international events, conferences, installations, and plant openings, we are one of Asia’s top packaging monthlies.

Along with a monthly print run of 6,500 copies, premium content is updated daily on our website, and at least two eMail newsletters go out across geographic boundaries every week with an increasing focus across Asian countries. Also, our eMagazine is circulated among 3,500 brand and product managers, packaging buyers, suppliers, machinery manufacturers, and industry experts, and leaders in the region.

Tech and business savvy equals the power to influence

The B2B print issue of Packaging South Asia is posted on the 5th and 6th day of each month. Apart from the daily updates to our web site, we have four packaging related newsletters each week. On Sundays, we send out a packaging design and marketing column from our archives. On Monday we send out the PSA eZine and on Fridays, we send out our Flexo & Gravure eZine. On alternate Wednesdays, we send out our two fortnightlies, IndiFoodBev.com on the food and beverage processing and packaging segments, and, healthtekpak.com which covers healthcare & diagnostics & packaging.

Our web analytics, SEO, and social media have gained enormous traction and often on web searches of industry events and stories, place our multi-channel platforms first globally.

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Edited on 9 November 2020. Corrected on 27 November 2020.



As you join us today from India and elsewhere, we have a favour to ask. Through these times of ambiguity and challenge, the packaging industry in India and in most parts of the world has been fortunate. We are now read in more than 90 countries as our coverage widens and increases in impact. Our traffic as per analytics more than doubled in 2020 and many readers chose to support us financially even when advertising fell to pieces.

As we come out of the pandemic in the next few months, we hope to again expand our geography and evolve our high-impact reporting and authoritative and technical information, with some of the best correspondents in the industry. If there were ever a time to support us, it is now. You can power Packaging South Asia’s balanced industry journalism and help to sustain us by subscribing.

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