Fitted with a FDA approved polypropylene cutting anvil sleeve

U-Pack installs two stainless steel Shear-lines at Suzhou in China

U-Pack International has installed two stainless steel Shear-lines in the new Smith and Nephew medical dressings plant at Suzhou in China

Sales manager Oliver Gardiner says this was a great opportunity for U-Pack to develop a new range of Shear-line machines. U-Pack has been making Shear-lines since 1987 and have sold it to over 60 countries. “We have completely revamped the range to give us access to a wider variety of industries.”

The new Shear-line enhanced and upgraded SL 2016 models are able to diecut up to a 10 mm thick rubber conveyor belt, up to 8 mm thick vacuum formings and many other tough materials.
Incorporating new technologies and upgraded press section allows the Shear-line to diecut heavy duty products with precision and speed. Diecutting up to 500 passes an hour allows companies to greatly increase output. The Shear-line is up to 50% faster than similar flatbed diecutting machines. Through the use of the cleverly designed cutting anvil sleeve facility, the Shear-line is safer, easier and quicker to operate.

The Mitsubishi Inverter Drive technology and incorporated touch screen HMI gives the operator full control over speed and automatic return, plus a range of other facilities. Increasing demand for vacuum formed product trimming U-Pack has also developed a Shear-line model specifically for the vacuum forming industries, the SLVT model with an extended 300 mm press section gap has proved to be a great solution, already popular in the USA and Europe.