Indian packaging exhibitors

Events: Drupa Review


There  are 33 Indian exhibitors listed at drupa 2008. Of these, the majority are displaying non-packaging products. We talked to exhibitors displaying packaging products and this write-up summarises what they intend to showcase at the event.
Chemline – Hall 7.2, Stand G05
Chemline are leading manufacturers of adhesives and varnishes. Their product range includes adhesives for wet and dry lamination, hot melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, cold seal adhesives, UV varnishes, over print water-based varnishes, overprint heatseal varnishes and heatseal coatings for aluminium foils and blister packs. They export to over 25 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. At drupa, they will be displaying their entire range of products.

Cosmo Films – Hall 3, Stand B 72-1
Cosmo Films is one of India’s leading manufacturers of BOPP films and thermal lamination equipment. They also manufacture synthetic papers. At drupa, they are not displaying any equipment but will be showcasing their entire product range of BOPP films for various applications including thermal lamination as well as their range of synthetic papers.

Convertech Equipment – Hall 9, Stand E71
Convertech is a leading manufacturer of doctor blades for rotogravure and flexographic printing and coating applications under the Sureprint brand name. Their blades are made from the best European steel and are available in a wide variety of materials and edge configurations for different process parameters. They are exporting their doctor blades to various countries. At drupa, they will be displaying the full range of blades and introducing their new premium range of blades that deliver low friction doctoring for longer blade life.

Expert Industries – Hall 17, Stand B42
Expert Industries are leading manufacturers of printing presses for rotogravure and wide-web flexographic printing, laminating machines and coating machines. At drupa, they will be showcasing their new printing machine module from their latest ExperPAC 400 – ELS Rotogravure printing machine that can run at up to 350 meters/minute.

Kohli Industries – Hall 4, Stand A40
Kohli Industries are leading manufacturers of conversion equipment. Their range includes rotogravure presses (650mm, 800mm, 1000mm and 1250mm widths; 4 – 12 colours; 150, 200 and 250 meters/minute),  laminating machines (solvent-based dry lamination, water-based dry lamination, wet lamination and solventless lamination), coating machines including register cold-seal application on pre-printed materials and slitter-rewinders (1300mm and 1600mm width; 300 and 450 meters/minute). At drupa, they will be showcasing one printing station from their new ELS gravure printing press (1250mm width, 250 meters/minute) and their new slitter-rewinder (1300mm width, 450 meters/minute).

Micro Inks – Hall 3, Stand C68
Micro Inks are India’s largest manufacturers of printing inks and varnishes and are part of the well-known Huber Group of Germany. At drupa, Micro and the Huber
Group will be showcasing the following products:

– !NKREDIBLE – The totally new generation of printing inks for the offset process.
­–MGA – Today’s solutions for tomorrow’s legal requirements for consumer protection – low-migration printing-ink systems for food-friendly packaging
–HYDRO-X – A new range of  water-based inks for package printing.
–GECKO – Solvent based ink systems for package printing.
–New V – A unique family of UV inks that offers a multitude of advantages
–INK ACADEMY – For sharing of knowledge and gaining competence.
These include some products that have not yet been launched in India.

Paras Industries – Hall 12, Stand D71
Paras are leading manufacturers and exporters of rubber printing rollers for sheet and web fed offset printing machines. They also refurbish rollers. Their new developments include rollers with non-extractable plasticisers, high-end antioxidants and rubber additives to prevent premature shrinking and hardening of rubber surfaces in addition to optimisation of functional parameters. They will be displaying their full range of rollers at drupa.

Proteck Circuits and Systems – Hall 3 / B46
Proteck will be showing its high speed offline coater, Tower Coater TC 105 which can coat using aqeous or UV varnish with a maximum sheet size of 28 x 40 inches and a maximum speed of 15,000 sheets an hour. It will also show the ST 104 screen-printing machine with in line UV dryer to do spot UV varnishes with a speed of 5000 sheets an hour. Apart from these it will show CtP processors for thermal and photopolymer plates.
Proteck will also be at drupa as representatives of the following companies in the Indian market: Mitsubishi for their sheetfed and offset presses, Screen for their CtPs, Horizon Japan and Hohner.

Shilp Gravures ­– Hall 5, Stand B44
Shilp Gravures is a well-known manufacturer of electro-mechanically engraved rotogravure cylinders and anilox rollers. It has also recently started processing of photopolymer flexo plates. It also manufactures its own base cylinders. They will shortly also start manufacture of laser engraved cylinders. At drupa, Shilp will be displaying their full range of products.

Sodaltech Exports – Hall 10, Stand E52-5
Sodaltech is a pioneer in the manufacture of paper conversion machinery for the manufacture of cores, tubes, cones, composite cans, fibre drums, edge protectors and moulded pulp products like egg trays and fruit/vegetable trays. It has more than 600 installations worldwide. Sodaltech will be showcasing their full range of machinery at drupa.

Spico Printing Inks – Hall 7.2, Stand A43
Spico manufactures liquid solvent-based and water-based rotogravure and flexographic inks and specialty coatings. They will be showcasing their full range of inks and coatings at drupa.

U.V. Graphic Technologies – Hall 6 / A12
The Taj Mahal will once again be bought to Germany by UV Graphic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The highlight will be on Spot UV Coating and silver scratch Coating. Abhay Datta of U V Graphic Technologies informed us, “We will be demonstrating our Ultracoat 1040 fully automatic spot UV coating machine which will be our 130th coater. We will give a live demonstration of fully automatic spot UV coating. The highlight will be the printing of high luster metallic Inks using the latest flexo technology. The machine will also be equipped with a 100  per cent defect detection system called PERFECTO designed together with BST Sayona India and Deco Systems srl, Italy. The system will segregate the good and bad sheets on line during coating as an added feature. Our partners for the show also include Schmid Rayner of Switzerland for UV and speciality coatings, Dupont Cyrel for polymer Plates, ITC Limited who have supplied the paper board and Seigwerk Germany who will supply the metallic Inks for the live demonstration of metallic ink printing.”