Pratham Technologies crossed sale of 1.5 crore at PrintPack

Company sold more than 10 machines

Datta Deshpande (Right) chairman of Pratham Technologies. Photo IPP

In terms of product achievement, Pratham sold eight folding machines to Reliance JIO in a period of just eight months last year. “With our consistent quality, competitive price and on-time delivery, we are growing steadily every year and thus we are about to add 20-25% to our turnover,” added Deshpande.

Speaking about the Supersort inspection system on display, Deshpande informed, “So far we have had four successful installations of Supersort due to its unique features like air ejector, fluorescent illumination system and German software that enables the machine to deliver better throughput. Although carton is a relatively newer segment for us, we are looking forward to establishing ourselves in this segment as we have done in the folding machine segment.”

Having specialization in folding machines, Pratham Technologies supplies to more than 20 countries all around the world besides India. Sharing his views on the threat looming over the industry, Deshpande said, “Globalization is the biggest threat for the Indian industry since a lot of Chinese companies are slowing entering the Indian market and even many of our old Indian manufacturers are now enrolling themselves into supplying of Chinese brands in India. That apart, the Indian packaging industry is growing at a rate of 16-18% every year. Surprisingly, Bangladesh and other African countries are showing good demand for Indian products in the packaging sector. In addition, we are also witnessing increased demand for folding machines from Egypt, which we consider as a volatile market but we installed around four machines this year.”