Rajoo Engineers At Plastindia 2009


they also had some impressive machinery on display
One of the star exhibits at Plastindia 2009 was the Rajoo Engineers stand. Not only did they win an Outstanding Booth Award, they also had some impressive machinery on display, all of which was sold during the show itself. Their 750 sq. m. stall in Hall 4 had an impressive 52 meter frontage.
The prize exhibit was a towering 15 meter tall MULTIFOIL fully loaded three-layer coextruded blown film line that was running continuously and turning out an average of 453 kgs./hour of 40 micron lamination grade polyethylene film in 1,400 mm width. (The line is rated at 500 kgs./hour while running a maximum lay-flat width of 1,500 mm.) The rolls had beautiful flush edges, weighed nearly 900 kgs. each and had a thickness variation of 3 per cent. The extrusion set-up consisted of two 70 mm extruders and one 90 mm extruder. The line was equipped with ultrasonic sensor based internal bubble cooling (IBC), multi-component gravimetric conveying with continuous blending and dosing, high output air ring with automatic profile control, a fully automatic surface winder with taper tension control, trim grinders and an integrated supervisory touch screen based control panel. The plant was sold to Venkateshwara Flexopack, a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging based at Hyderabad in South India.

Rajoo have also negotiated the sale of a 5-layer version of the MULTIFOIL line with an extrusion configuration of two 60 mm and three 55 mm extruders and a 400 mm pancake type die turning out 250 kgs. per hour of barrier films in a maximum lay-flat width of 1,500 mm. This will be the first fully automated 5-layer blown film line for barrier films supplied by any Asian manufacturer and will be delivered during the second quarter of this year. This latter line has been sold to Polypet Flexible Packaging, a leading manufacturer of PVC shrink sleeves and multilayer barrier films for lamination and liquid packaging based in Nagpur, Maharashtra in Western India. According to Arun Amidwar, Chairman of this group, “After evaluating many machinery manufacturers in the world from North America, Europe, Taiwan and even from India, we selected Rajoo Engineers to supply the machine to us for this project. We already operate a 3-layer plant from Rajoo and are impressed by their consultative approach and in-depth understanding of our requirements.
Rajoo were able to configure the optimum solution for us keeping the Indian environment and economy in mind.”

The second line on display was a LAMINA sheet extrusion plant turning out 250 kgs./hour of a 3-layer recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) sheet in ABA configuration using 100 per cent reground post-consumer PET bottle flakes as input. It was equipped with a crystalliser-cum-dehumidifier, one 90 mm extruder, one 50 mm extruder, melt metering pumps and diverter type continuous screen changers feeding an 800 mm wide flat die and a dual station centre winder. The sheet quality was quite good and the sheet transparency was excellent (the input blend did use an optical brightener in the formulation).

The third line on display was a fully servo controlled DISPOCON thermoformer that complemented the RPET line. It has a forming area of 650 mm x 350 mm, a maximum draw depth of 120 mm and a mechanical speed of 45 cycles/minute. This model offers many advantages over hydraulic models in terms of low wastage, precise sheet indexing and lower compressed air consumption while delivering almost double the output.

The LAMINA RPET sheet extrusion line and 3 DISPOCON thermoformers were sold to Khetan Extrusion Industries (KEI), a leading manufacturer of polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) containers based at Patna in Eastern India. Arun Rathi, owner of KEI, said, “Due to a long association with Rajoo, we are their natural partners in progress. We have always been the first one to buy new technology from Rajoo in this industry. Rajoo once again successfully demonstrated its technology leadership in developing the first Asian complete RPET sheet line system and we had no hesitation in deciding in their favour.”

During the show, Rajoo also announced the finalisation of two technology partnerships. The first of these is with Commodore Inc. of USA for expanded polystyrene container lines and the other is with Techno Coating S.r.l. of Italy for cast extrusion stretch and polypropylens (PP) sheet lines. Both collaborators were present at the Rajoo stand.