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G7 Live heats up for Mumbai and Delhi demonstrations

The G7 Live events being organized by Idealliance India, a division of IppStar, are attracting a good number of brand owners, printers and converters to the demonstrations and basic training programmes featuring Steve Smiley in December

GlassPrint 2015 Düsseldorf, GermanySun Chemical’s SunVetro screen ink series

Providing an alternative to traditional ceramic enamel printing, Sun Chemical’s SunVetro screen ink series comprises a portfolio of organic UV curing and conventional solvent-based inks for direct printing on to flat or hollow glass surfaces. The range is available in a variety of strong and bright standard mixing colors as well as a selection of special effects such as frosting or etch effects, thermochromics inks along with covert and overt brand protection features. This enables printers to deliver the highest quality printed output with bold accurate color reproduction allowing greater creativity, color consistency and brand integrity. Sun Chemical will demonstrate its latest offering of conventional and ultraviolet (UV) curing screen inks and effect varnishes for direct glass printing at GlassPrint 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 25 to 26 November.

Sun Chemical’s SunVetro screen ink series overcomes direct print on to glass issues

The SunVetro range is a suitable substrate for a whole range of products, from food and drinks to cosmetics, ceramics, mobile phones, computer screens, gaming machine mirrors, furniture, transforming and branding it in a way that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. The SunVetro range also features products for spray coating glass and a cold-end coating suitable for use as a post-treatment to improve abrasion resistance. In addition, the SunVetro ink series, which is heavy metal and cadmium-free, is fully compliant with packaging regulations, extending its use for food and sensitive product packaging applications.