Sensors, web guiding systems, automation and networking solutions


iPQ-Center covers a wide range of inspection tasks
The iPQ-Center from BST eltromat, based on the modular principle, allows individualized solutions to be configured for a host of different inspection tasks, such as 100% defect detection, colour monitoring amongst others.

Complete portfolio of sensor systems
In the field of sensor systems, BST eltromat will be showing not only ultrasonic and optical web edge sensors, but also wide-array sensors and digital sensors. One highlight will be the multi-functional, versatile CCD CAM 100 line scan camera, which covers large measuring widths without moving parts. BST eltromat will be emphasizing the incomparably simple operation of this high-performance digital sensor at K. This line scan camera can be integrated in machines easily, and also replaced if necessary.

Web guiding with CompactGuide and SmartGuide
In the field of web guiding, the BST eltromat presentation at K 2016 will include its particularly reliable and flexibly configurable solutions. Depending on the requirements, the CompactGuide with its various sensors, splice tables and clamping devices is selected for narrow-web processes. In contrast, customers may rely on the time-proven SmartGuide systems if they want simple handling when working with wide material webs.