Sun Chemical to demonstrate expertise, experience and capabilities at interpack

Five separate zones to highlight key aspects of packaging optimization


Using the theme “Brighter Ideas for Packaging,” Sun Chemical will demonstrate its capabilities as a global, full-service packaging solutions provider to uniquely address the key aspects of packaging optimization, reflected as five separate zones on the stand—Consumer Protection, World of Color, Lightweighting, Food Waste, and Consumer Experience.

Ensuring consumer protection
Steering brand owners through the increasing international legislative requirements for compliant materials, consumables and labelling at interpack 2017, Sun Chemical will showcase its wide range of solutions to address the increase in counterfeit trade and to ensure the security of brands and the health and safety of their customers.

Consistency of color quality
Helping brand owners achieve global consistency of high impact, high quality color, Sun Chemical will be launching SunColorBox, a ‘toolkit’ comprising a comprehensive set of applications and services aimed at supporting packaging printers and converters to produce brand colors consistently, anywhere in the world, within a fully optimized digital process.

Lightweighting for food packaging applications
In the Lightweighting zone, Sun Chemical will present the SunLam family of performance lamination adhesives and coatings with oxygen barrier properties, which converters can use to replicate the protective functionality of the additional layer, with reduced material. These cutting-edge lamination adhesives and coatings can be fully compliant for food packaging applications.

SunBar oxygen barrier coatings for food waste
Highlights in this zone will include SunBar (Aerobloc) oxygen barrier coatings, which improve the protective qualities of packaging and increase shelf life. This zone will also have DIC Easy Peel, an easy-to-open sealant film with high heat resistance and stable heat seal strength. Also on show qwill be the SunLaseT laser marking solution, a coating that enables brand owners to add high-quality QR and bar codes to secondary packaging and serial number or dates to primary packaging information.

Consumer experience throughout the product life cycle
In the Consumer Experience zone, Sun Chemical will showcase how it helps brand owners to develop packaging throughout the product life cycle, from concept to consumer. Highlighted in this zone will be the range of SunInspire specialty inks and coatings, in particular its tactile coatings, ranging from coarse and gritty to soft and smooth, which appeal to the sense of touch.

On display will also be the SunVetro family of products for ceramics and glass, the SunCarte family of screen and offset inks, adhesives and varnishes to help printers meet the needs of the plastic card market, and, based on DIC technology, printed magnetic tape options for card manufacturers.