Zünd to participate in PrintPack 2017

Optimum workflow solutions for a wide range of cutting requirements


Zünd digital cutters are used for prototyping as well as serial production and offer optimum workflow solutions for every type of manufacturing environment. The cutters are available in 16 different sizes, from 1330 mm x 800 mm to 3210 mm x 3200 mm. These are modular by design and their built-in flexibility can be configured to meet a wide range of cutting requirements. Powered by the user software Zünd Cut Center (ZCC) with its open interface, the cutters can be easily integrated in any type of production environment. High-performance CAM in the software option supports the user in maximizing material yield through automatic nesting.

Owing to their modular design, Zünd high-performance cutting systems not only ensure high productivity but also make the investment worthwhile both in terms of immediate as well as lasting returns. This has been acknowledged by many packaging majors that use Zund cutting systems such as Parksons Packaging, Any Graphics, Nextgen, Exquisite, Kalajyoti, Kohinoor Packaging and Chennai Micro Prints, among others.

The Zünd customer base consists of manufacturers and suppliers from many different  industries, including graphics, packaging, garment and leather, as well as technical textile and composites. The company has its own 100% subsidiaries worldwide and one such is Zund India, located in Bengaluru, which was established in 2012 with capabilities of offering local sales and service for the region, in addition to stocking spares and consumables.