3D printing and printed electronics course at Beijing Institute of Graphics Communication

AIFMP signs agreement with Beijing Institute of Graphics Communication

Kamal Chopra, president, AIFMP. Photo PSA

Speaking on the occasion, Kamal Chopra, president, AIFMP said, “BIGC is the world’s largest university imparting education in printing. AIFMP recently signed an agreement with BIGC to provide specialist training in 3D printing and also in printing electronics.” He added that this training, recommended by AIFMP, will be provided at highly subsidized fees. An independent board will select the candidates to be enrolled as students in the course.

The training will be provided to a batch consisting of 18 students and there will be no minimum age criterion. Anyone with knowledge of English can join this course. Training for the first batch will commence in May while the second batch will start in September. The last date of registration will be two months before the start of the group.

The course will include lectures, demonstrations and practice workshops. Visit to printing firms will also be part of the curriculum.