Compact and competitively priced solventless lamination solutions from Bobst

Bobst SL 750D compact solventless duplex laminator

For converting companies, it is a pre-requisite that their laminator is equipped with the kind of technological features and functions that contribute substantially to improving profitability through highest machine productivity and highest output quality which provide specific customer benefits in each of the various market segments of the flexible materials converting industry. This means that the equipment, under any operating circumstances, must provide for the given applications the kind of functional, operator-oriented, waste saving and eco-friendly, technical solutions to produce flawless, superior quality composite structures at the lowest cost for the converter, and the best price for its customers.

In line with its strategy of extending the range of compact, competitively priced products on offer, Bobst has poured its know-how and expertise in advanced laminating technology into the development of two new machines which were premièred in 2016: the CL 750 for multi-technology applications and the SL 750 dedicated to solventless lamination. Bobst laminators are a firmly established reference for the high-end duplex and triplex machines, leading the highly demanding markets of Italy, Germany and the US. The new CL 750 and SL 750 platform of duplex laminators complete the portfolio of solutions with compact, robust and competitively priced laminators which deliver the same total quality and reliability that Bobst lamination customers are accustomed to.
For converters looking for best-in-class compact laminating solutions, the CL 750D and the SL 750D are ideal for satisfying requirements for run lengths from ultra-short upwards, across a wide range of substrates. Like all Bobst web-fed machines, the web tension control is extremely sensitive and can be maintained at very low tolerance, thus producing flawless two-layer structures of the most critical substrate combinations.

CL 750D and CL 750DA best-in-class application trolleys and tunnel
The 750 duplex multi-technology laminators are available as CL 750D with simplex winders and CL 750DA with turret-type automatic winders. Ease of use is evident in many aspects and functions of these machines, starting from the layout with front extraction of the trolleys – which enable to carry out different process technologies, including solvent-based and water-based dry lamination, solventless lamination and in register cold seal coating on pre-printed substrates – to job changeovers without tools. The CL 750’s flat drying tunnel is one of the most notable differentiating element from other compact machines currently available in the market. The tunnel comprises two sections with independent control of airflow by fans driven by inverters, air recirculation by motorized damper, and temperature control. The motorized rollers and the tunnel’s flat configuration and straight web path – the first and so far unique of its type for compact equipment – are crucial in preventing the formation of defects on the very wide spectrum of materials and web combination that the machine can handle at high speed. These include critical substrates such as metallized films or the new generation of thin films. The possibility to have the tunnel’s rolls turning even during cleaning together with the removable nozzles, reduce dramatically the maintenance /cleaning time of the tunnel.

SL 750D and SL 750DA the ideal solventless configuration
The outstanding performance of the SL 750 platform of duplex laminators dedicated to solventless applications is due to both the design of the coating unit, which enables a very low fault rate, and to the overall machine configuration. The Bobst 5-roll solventless system on the SL 750D is extremely accurate and ensures optimum uniformity of adhesive metering, reduced energy consumption and less wear and tear of mechanical parts. The SL 750 solventless laminators are available as the SL 750D with simplex winders and SL 750DA with turret-type automatic winders.


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