Creating digitalized solutions, services and data analytics

UPM at Junction hackathon in Helsinki, 25 to 27 November

UPM offers participants of the hackathon the challenge to create digitalized solutions, services and data analytics using supply chain data

Large amounts of paper are produced daily and shipped from UPM paper mills to customers around the globe. On-time delivery requires careful planning and up-to-date location data of the cargo. Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics offer a platform for new, innovative ways of working to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The IoT track of Junction, hosted by UPM, is powered by IBM Bluemix, which is the leading cloud-based platform for rapidly building, managing and running applications. The track is supported by experts from UPM’s industrial partner Tieto and world leading IoT platform provider IBM together with UPM business representatives. “Tieto aims to make the future more intelligent with data. With UPM’s supply chain data we are hopefully creating unforeseen services together with hackers and our ecosystem for the benefit for UPM. This journey will be highly exciting,” says Ari Järvelä, head of data-driven businesses at Tieto.”

Tieto has been selected to support UPM in the strategic innovation effort, with the aim to create innovative digital business solutions and enhance digital experience. Tieto’s strategic innovation programme Tieto Experience Hub brings versatile experience of open innovation events, such as hackathons, to ensure value creation for UPM’s business and customers.