DuPont showcases new innovations at China Print 2017

Beijing 6-13 May, Hall E3 Stand 025

The DuPont Cyrel FAST 2000TD features several cutting-edge tools and technologies that contribute to higher plate quality, easier workflow, and improved machine serviceability

At its stand, DuPont will showcase its complete Cyrel EASY platform and its ability to serve all package printing segments. DuPont will highlight its newest additions to the portfolio—Cyrel EASY ESM and EFM, the built-in flat-top dot digital plates developed especially for paper printing application. Cyrel EASY ESM and EFM are for use in solvent and the Cyrel FAST thermal processing, respectively. These new products have been designed to achieve the highest quality image reproduction on various paper substrates with a single plate offering, simplifying operations in both the plate room and press room. Since its introduction in 2015, Cyrel EASY technology has proven its ability to deliver higher ink transfer, excellent fade-to-zero highlights, as well as improved productivity for both trade shops and converters globally, especially in flexible packaging and the tag and label segment.

“Customer testing of our new EASY plates for paper applications has demonstrated excellent results: improved solid ink density and reduced mottling, as well as printing durability. Trade shops will also benefit from a simplified workflow and exceptional exposure latitude,” said Si Ming Luo, regional marketing manager – Asia Pacific, DuPont Advanced Printing. “DuPont has continued to develop next-generation DuPont Cyrel plates to achieve consistent print quality through both solvent and FAST/thermal workflows. These efforts have resulted in revolutionary improvements to the plate polymer and platemaking workflow.”

Additional technologies featured at the show
The DuPont Cyrel FAST 2000TD, it features several cutting-edge tools and technologies that contribute to higher plate quality, easier workflow, and improved machine serviceability. FAST 2000TD is the next-generation technology to DuPont’s existing FAST processor portfolio. DuPont Artistri digital inks deliver brighter colors, shorter production cycles and higher production throughput for direct-to-garment (DTG) and roll-to-roll (RTR) printing.

DuPont Advanced Printing brings together leading technologies and products for the printing and package printing industries. DuPont Cyrel is one of the world’s leading flexographic plate-making systems in digital and conventional formats, including the new Cyrel EASY photopolymer plates and Cyrel FAST plates and processing equipment. DuPont Artistri offers high-quality inks for consumer, commercial, office inkjet and textile printing applications.