Indo-Polygraph grows with increasing number of KBA installs

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The Indian market has received strong support from KBA in recent years.

Water-based ink system for paper cup applicationsFlint’s PremoCup for the North American marketFlint Group has introduced PremoCup, the next generation water-based ink system for the paper and poly cup application segment. PremoCup delivers wet and dry rub resistance without affecting print quality, utilizes Flint Group’s building block formulating technology, and comes with an extremely wide operating window that substantially reduces the variation in print quality caused by inconsistent coating weights commonly observed with longstanding technology.

Flint Group has introduced PremoCup, the next generation water-based ink system for the paper and poly cup application segmentThe trend for paper cup printers is for increased print fidelity and complex designs to enhance appeal. High fidelity graphics are pushing the limits of conventional ink systems – with PremoCup, Flint Group responds to these challenges. Tony Parrish, account executive, Flint Group, says, “While printing PremoCup at a key customer facility, it was clear that PremoCup printed cleaner allowing the customer to only shut down for routine cleaning at shift changes rather than multiple times during the shift – increasing their overall productivity and resulting in high quality graphics.”

Parrish continues, “Our customers appreciate the fact that they can substantially reduce costs associated with conventional pH adjusters to maintain viscosity. The press operators are happy to focus on other tasks rather than constantly maintaining the press due to quality issues.”

PremoCup is designed to deliver wet and dry rub resistance on a variety of polycoated paperboard and paperboard substrates, has a wide operating window under normal environmental conditions, and maintains a consistent viscosity while on press. PremoCup inks can be prepared to match accepted color standards as a finished ink, or supplied as PremoNova dispersions and extenders for use in an ink dispensing system.

Lloyd Woodrum, product manager, Paper & Board North America, says, “The viscosity stability and extremely wide operating window associated with PremoCup is essential to reducing the color and density variation common with traditional inks that require frequent amine adjustments to maintain viscosity.”