Manjushree implements Flexibiz ERP solution

Manjushree to launch new packaging plant


Continually innovating, the packing industry is pushing the boundaries of boxes, bottles, containers and packs to create products that are more sustainable, thinner, stronger and use less material than ever before. However, with these innovations comes a complex set of manufacturing necessities, such as the need for detailed lot traceability, accurate part labeling, and production flexibility. “Besides, our clients are looking for high-performance manufacturing units and demands to be compliant with various certifications. Secondly, the upcoming GST will make it mandatory to make the records of every minute detail from purchase till sales. In such a case, any manual intervention may cause an error. With ERP, we can work with better efficiency,” shares Puneet Agarwal, managing director at Manjushree Group. ERP can link various manufacturing units, for instance, Manjushree can update the production status of its four plants through ERP tools. Both Puneet and Shekhar Agarwal confirm Manjushree’s fifth facility commencing operations by the first quarter of 2017, which can be an add-on to over 500 metric tons of monthly output.

Speaking to Packaging South Asia, Gaurav Bansal of Kiran Consultants says, “We commenced our operations with the development of customized software applications, which have been running live since 1987 at many enterprises. ERP is a comprehensive resource planning system that offers best-practice support for multi-mode manufacturers in a broad range of Industries. In today’s aggressive business environment, it is requisite to be prepared to face a vast and competitive world. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) contest against the need for the customer and compliance mandates, efficient management of supplier, costs control and finding new clients to grow the business. ERP offers a solution that enables manufacturers to compete in the current market atmosphere. A manufacturing unit run by ERP has the competence of both finite and infinite planning capabilities to assist in developing the schedule. It is an inevitable solution to aid the company’s prosperity and better profitability. Our clients, for instance, Uflex, have benefitted and grown manifold after implementing the solution.”

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According to Bansal, Flexibiz ERP provides low cost-of-ownership and prompt return on investment. “Earlier, such tools were expensive but now moving up with the trend, mobile-based ERP application is available at better pricing and hosted on the Cloud. CRM is another product that assists the marketing personnel in pre-sales and post-sales activities, such as job estimation, bill tracking system and more,” says Bansal.