New HFFS machines from Bossar

New ink to improve inkjet performance in challenging environments

One of the latest completed projects of Bossar comprises two lines, with two horizontal form, fill and seal machines (HFFS) each, packaging a powder for bone rebuilding. The result is a package containing a properly sterilized clinical powder duly protected to avoid any leaks

Bobst India Open HouseWorld premiere of LILA-II 145 folder-gluer at Competence ’15Bobst’s partners who showcased new technologies were present at Competence ’15. The partners  included Baumer hhs, Billerud Korsnas, Esko, HB Fuller, Henkel, Nan Pao, Pidilite, Provin Technos, Robatech, Siemens Financial, Tata Capital, Welbound Worldwide and WH Leary. With representatives from more than 120 companies as well as Bobst’s existing and potential customers in attendance, the event was a success.
Visitors inspecting the new Novacut 106 ER. Photo PSAVenugopal Menon, VP, Indian sub-continent, Business Unit, sheetfed was in conversation with Packaging South Asia to share more details about the event.

PSA: What was the philosophy behind organizing Competence ’15?
Venugopal Menon:
‘Profit-making Packaging through Automation’ was the theme for
Competence’15. The theme of the event conveys the underlying message
that in today’s competitive business automation in the production
process will be the key to be more cost-effective, minimize dependence
on labour, minimize wastage and thus be more operationally efficient.

Open House was organized to showcase some pathbreaking technologies in
the converting process in folding cartons and to invite discerning
customers to our factory to showcase what Bobst is doing in India and
also to demonstrate the efficacy of these technologies on display.

There were three products on display — Novacut 106 ER, LILA- II 145
folder-gluer and Accucheck. Why were these products chosen to be
displayed at the event?

VM: The Bobst technologies
presented included the recently launched Novacut 106 ER diecutter, which
was demonstrated with blank separation for both single and double cut
layout at full speed. In-line blanking on a diecutter is comparatively a
new process for folding carton converters in India and at present a
majority of folding carton makers in this region diecut jobs with
stripping or without stripping done manually. This new Novacut gives
carton makers access to in-line blank separation without the production
or investment headaches they might expect from the process. In fact
Bobst India has also ventured into manufacturing and supply of local
made blanking tools with Angle Lock technology for our discerning
customers to ease out the process and tooling cost.

Also on
display was an Expertfold 80 A-2 folder-gluer with Accucheck in-line
inspection system. This system checks 100% of a folder-gluer’s output
for defects, rejecting any non-conforming boxes. Visitors closely
questioned the Bobst product specialists when they came to see the real
capabilities of this equipment. In fact three Accuchecks have been sold
in India with two machines installed and running while the third will be
installed in the coming summer.

Making its world debut was the
new LILA II, which impressed both folding carton and corrugated board
packaging makers with its smooth blank transportation, excellent folding
quality and high productivity, handling both micro-flute and heavy
corrugated board with ease. This folder-gluer represents an extension of
the successful LILA range of machines for litho-laminated box
production  on 145 cm and 170 cm widths needed by corrugated packaging
manufacturers. LILA II is fast running and quick setting, delivering the
productivity needed to reduce cost for a box. The machine is also
available in 106 cm and 126 cm widths for folding carton and
litho-laminated box production.

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