Video series on consumer lifestyle driving packaging innovation

director – Global Packaging for Asia Pacific at Johnson & Johnson

Changes in consumer behavior driven by smartphone use, the desire for new experiences from the millennial generation and a deepening commitment to protecting the environment is driving innovation in packaging worldwide, as shown in a new video series released by DuPont. The video features interviews with eminent leaders in packaging design, engineering and innovation, highlighting the leading new packaging designs from Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

“Regional trends in Asia reflect a variety of economic markets,” said  Anirban Mukherjee, director – Global Packaging for Asia Pacific at Johnson & Johnson. ”Trying to meet the needs of the upper class while creating products for people who earn less than $2 per day can be a challenge, but Asia’s packaging innovators are tackling it head on.” He also commented on how winners of the 2017  DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation  mirror the strong regional demand for creating luxurious beauty experiences.

Mukherjee and the other global packaging leaders shared their thoughts after serving as judges for this year’s awards, where they had chosen the best and most world-changing packaging advancements from around the world.

“North America has been on the cutting edge of exciting packaging innovations for decades by addressing consumer demand for convenience, sustainability, technological advancements and beauty,” commented  Hari Reddy, vice president R&D – Bemis North America, Bemis Company Inc.,  “The biggest challenge facing the industry here is developing a cost performance advantaged sustainable package.”

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