“Melt on demand solution from Nordson offers greater efficiencies”

Nordson India at PackTech 2016


According to Vaibhav Modak, general manager – adhesive systems, Nordson India says the Nicart carton sealer is designed for low-speed carton sealing applications. NiCart carton sealer creates tamper-evident seals on pre-filled cartons. Integrated with a Nordson hot melt adhesive dispensing system, the NiCart lets you do away with manual gluing or taping in favor of the superior benefits of hot melt adhesive. It is suitable for packaging of products like pharmaceuticals, seeds, ready-to-eat cereals, spices, confectionery, cosmetics, etc.

“We have more than 100 installations of NiCart in India. This product is suitable for small players with low volumes,” adds Modak. The ProBlue Liberty system is an integrated tankless melter and fill system that provides the reliable functionality of ProBlue hot melt systems and leverages Nordson’s tankless technology. “ProBlue Liberty melts only what you need, and when you need it. It is a sort of melt on demand. At any given point, only 400 ml of glue is cooked,” says Modak.

Some benefits of this technology include reduction of char by melting what you need, bringing down energy consumption, improving flexibility and allowing ease of monitoring. It also improves product quality and bond strength by maintaining consistent adhesive temperature, purity and bead volume. In addition, the technology increases efficiency and safety,” Modak concludes.