Corrugation, wide web coating and newspaper segments prime options at the moment


Kiran says, “The corrugation segment is pretty exciting for us at the moment. Another big market for us is wide web coating. We are supplying our machines for coating for hot melts for labelstocks, for making tapes or even medical tapes successfully in the Indian market. This is a very challenging job we believe as it requires very precise gluing. We are the market leaders in the Indian market in this segment.”

Presently the newspaper segment is also doing pretty well for Valco Melton India. “Times of India is a key customer for us. The first page which often comprises an advertisement is completely glued using our technology. This is also a very challenging task as the new newspaper lines run at a speed of 700 metres a minute. Two years ago when we started working with TOI, we used to apply a line of adhesive on the sheets. But now, as requested by the client, we have shifted to dots of glue which makes the job even more precise and we are happy to say that we are performing as expected from us.”

“Valco Melton is also working for bottling applications where the labels on a bottle are pasted using our technology. We are working as OEM for Hilda Automations where they integrate our technology into their machines,” says Kiran. In the corrugation segment, Valco Melton India is working with Bobst India who have shifted the manufacture of its corrugated line in India. “We have been supplying standard adhesive systems and even online camera inspection systems which is known as Glue Check to Bobst India. Bobst India is not only selling its machines integrated with our systems in India but also exporting to other countries. Our engineers can monitor these systems sitting anywhere in the world if there are any technical issues,” Kiran tells us.

Pack Check, shown at drupa 2016 is also another exciting technology from Valco Melton India through which a customer can see the adhesive with a thermal camera even after sealing a box with a hot melt. This helps in less wastage and more precision for our customers, says Kiran.

PackPlus has been good for the company so far and visitors, although limited in number, have been informed and encouraging. Kiran adds that since Valco Melton’s Indian operations started in 2010, the company has been growing at a very fast pace of almost 100% and this current financial year is going to be no exception. Kiran is bullish about the overall growth prospects of Valco Melton India in and around the Indian subcontinent in the next few years.

Packaging South Asia is a cooperating media partner for drupa 2016 which was held from 31 May to 10 June at Dusseldorf, Germany