Memjet inkjet solutions for labeling and packaging

Inkjet solutions for small food and beverage manufacturers


Kim Beswick, general manager of Memjet’s Desktop Division, says, “Label and package production represents a particular challenge for small manufacturers. Although these products are produced in small volumes, the packages and labels used for them still create the same complexities that larger manufacturers encounter. Colors, logos, product details, and customer promotions all must be represented flawlessly and professionally. To succeed in this new paradigm, manufacturers must adopt processes that enable them to produce the high-quality labels and packaging easily and cost effectively.”

New Printing Technology
To meet this demand, small food and beverage manufacturers traditionally turn to a local label converter or printer to produce their labels and packages. However, these third-party suppliers require long lead times and high order minimums that can cause delays in production and expensive waste.

Memjet-powered inkjet solutions give manufacturers the control they need to produce full-color, high-quality labels and personalized packaging quickly, efficiently, and affordably. The advanced technology from Memjet can be integrated easily into the manufacturing process, thereby allowing food and small consumer goods manufacturers to produce personalized color labels and packaging of varying batch sizes in-house whenever they choose.

Additionally, the printing solutions can turn the package or label into a personalized communications channel, giving the manufacturers an easy way to include targeted messages, images, colors, decorations, and fonts. According to the company, no other technology can produce these results at the total cost of ownership that Memjet inkjet solutions enable.