Notes from the publisher


There will be great calm among the Indians at drupa this time. Although the Euro is outrageously heavy and the Indian Rupee has halted its upward valuation, our currency is strong. We are not unhappy about the recent correction because it makes our exports slightly more competitive.
We are sending our third and fourth generation of educated owner-managers and technicians to the show with plenty of information and sage advice.

We are open to the quality and skills of others and we can appreciate their ideas and achievements. We are neither chauvinists nor racists and we will buy products and services from anywhere where they are legally and ethically produced.

Just like education, technology is a great leveller. We are confident and psychologically secure. Our industry is transcending the era of secrets. Our balance sheets are approaching transparency. We are ready to show our work and our plants to anyone. We readily share our knowledge. We are networking. We are building our community.

We had several interesting and pleasant encounters at interpack. We met one reader who said that he actually reads the entire magazine and appreciates even what we think are rather long articles. Feedback from readers always inspires writers and editors. We keep them in mind and know that even if we write one clear thought there is someone out there who will smile.

Our interpack coverage will continue in the next issue, which will of course also cover the increasing dimension of packaging at drupa. In the meanwhile the June issue of Indian Printer and Publisher with our first reports from drupa will be published while we are still at the fair.

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