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Green innovations with paper and board


Easy to recycle containers use in-mould labelsNew Caparol lacquers use innovative IML packagingPaint manufacturer Caparol will be launching its new lacquer line in August. This quality brand opted for packaging that makes a striking impression on shop shelves. No expensive metal buckets – just IML packaging with an eye-catching look – the label innovatively combines Matt IML and Metallic IML. Per Törnqvist, marketing manager, DAW Nordic, explains, “We are leaders in the wholesale market for professional paints – interior and exterior wall paints, plasters, lacquers and varnishes.” Caparol is DAW SE’s biggest paint brand and Europe’s third largest manufacturer of professional paints. With more than 100 years of experience behind it, DAW products are sold in more than 40 countries (from 29 production sites). Apart from paints, Caparol also supplies decorative finishes, concrete and floor coatings and external wall insulation.Caparol is DAW SE’s biggest paint brand and Europe’s third largest manufacturer of professional paintsNo metal buckets, but polypropylene
“Why did we choose IML packaging? The production cost is lower than for metal buckets, and IML also offers more look-and-feel options. IML packaging is also better for the environment – the packaging and the label are of the same material and can therefore be fully recycled. Choosing IML therefore offers a win-win situation for both the customer and for us, the manufacturers,” according to Per Törnqvist.

Matt and Metallic IML

Per Törnqvist says, “When launching our brand new lacquer series, it was crucially important for us to stand out between our competitors and other enamel paints. That is precisely why we opted for labels with a Matt IML + Metallic IML lacquer combination. The stylish artwork was specially designed for our look-and-feel combination and is unique in its kind. Our IML labels are unseen and that provides us with that extra competitive edge on the shop shelf.”

Tight packaging of premium lacquers
“We are launching our new line of lacquers as a premium product. That is why we opted for sober, modest artwork that radiates prestige and quality – a perfect match for Caparol’s image. We use this pitch black background in Matt IML for all covering products in the series. For the varnishes, we have opted for a snow white background in Matt IML, a white canvas against which we highlight the differences. In both product series, the contrasting metallic accents in the design sharply highlight the differences between the products,” according to Per Törnqvist.

Verstraete IML
Jokey Group’s DAW Nordic and Verstraete IML collaborated on this project. Jens Uellner of the Purchase Department of the Jokey Group says, “A thorough knowledge of materials, advanced research and quality control have made Verstraete IML the world’s leading supplier of IML labels. Due to their high quality, IML labels always have optimal workability.”

Per Törnqvist says, “We also selected Verstraete IML as our partner for IML because of the excellent quality of the labels. Accurate execution is crucial for this combination concept. Only then can you obtain the right look, and the packaging adds value to the product and the brand. We have full confidence in Verstraete IML in this regard.”