Colgate Introduce New Products and Packages


Colgate-Palmolive has introduced a first-of-its-kind transparent toothpaste tube for its Max Fresh gel with exclusive mouthwash beads. The package has been made possible by the development of a new film that provides ultraviolet light barrier that protects the toothpaste and beads from discolouration due to exposure to UV light, moisture and oxygen. The tube is packed in a shiny metallic paperboard outer carton that is die-cut with a viewing window that allows the toothpaste to show through the transparent tube. The special patent-pending proprietary coextruded multilayer ultraviolet light barrier film has been developed by Sealed Air Corporation. The tube structure uses a complex 275 micron thick film. The transparency not only allows the product to show through, it also enables consumers to see how much product remains in the tube. Traditionally, providing UV light barrier in films has caused them to become hazy and lose transparency. Colgate converts the printed film into tubes in-house.
Colgate-Palmolive have also launched a new product called Wisp, which is an on-the-go single-use toothbrush that comes equipped with a dab of toothpaste. The disposable mini-toothbrush contains a sugar-free breath freshening bead in its bristles and does not need rinsing. It comes in various flavours. The product is blister-packed in units of four and inserted into a carton. The pack also contains a pick that can be used in the spaces between teeth.