DFE-based G7 calibration, verification and profiling for digital cut sheet presses


Fiery Color Profiler Suite is the only integrated product on the market that calculates G7 correction curves and writes them directly into a calibration set on a Fiery DFE, making the G7 calibration process faster, easier, and less error prone. The G7 workflow validates the results of the G7 calibration, then guides the user through creating an ICC output profile optimized to work with the G7 calibration. This means that higher levels of G7 compliance, including G7 Targeted and G7 Colorspace, can be achieved with a single, easy-to-use software product.

The Fiery Color Profiler Suite calibration workflow creates a traditional calibration set that targets G7 compliance. The result is a re-calibration procedure that is twice as fast compared to competing systems because a traditional Fiery calibration patch target can be used with fewer patches. Reducing the time spent calibrating the digital print system on a daily or per-shift basis means better productivity and profitability for the printing company.

“EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite makes it easy for even novice users of color management tools for digital printing systems to successfully calibrate, verify G7 grayscale compliance, and profile Fiery driven print systems to ensure that output more closely matches industry references such as GRACoL 2013 and SWOP 2013 datasets, not only for neutral grays but also for saturated colors,” said John Henze, EFI’s vice president of Fiery marketing. “This means better quality work that print shop customers will notice. We are pleased to bring this industry-leading breakthrough in DFE color management to the Fiery ecosystem.”

EFI and Idealliance are pleased to announce a G7 Expert/Professional training class, hosted at EFI headquarters in Fremont, California from 7 to 9 March 2017. Registration through Idealliance will be posted in the upcoming months at www.ideallance.org. For advance registration, contact Illeny Maaza at 703-837- 1096, or email imaaza@idealliance.org. For the Idealliance India G7 Expert/Professional training class to be conducted in Mumbai from 20 to 23 September 2016, contact Harmandeep Kaur at harmandeep@ippstar.org.