Focus on top and mid level companies in India


Lawrence Norpoth, commercial director of Hayssen Flexible Systems speaking to Packaging South Asia says, “In India, Hayssen Flexible systems is focussing on the top tier companies which are interested in having high degree of automation with robust technologies which can be relied and trusted on. However, we are noticing an increasing trend of mid level companies who are using semi-automated machinery at the moment, interested to go to the next level in terms of automation and quality which is less manpower-intensive.”

Vishal Sawant, national sales manager of Hayssen Flexible Systems in India says, “In India, there is demand for quality machinery which could be trusted upon to deliver a job which is difficult for local suppliers to perform. Our machines deliver on the needs of the customer and as our machines use less components than others, it is easier to maintain. Although the initial cost of our machines may be a bit on the higher side, the return on investment (ROI) is much quicker and after ROI, everything else is profit.” Hayssen Flexible Systems is operating in India for the last two years but its machines are being used by Indian companies since long. Sawant says, “After starting our operations, we have come upon many such installations which are decades old but still very much in running condition. We are providing full support to these machines. I think these machines very much speak for themselves of the quality that we deliver to our customers.”

Hayssen Flexible Systems is focussing on the snacks and frozen food segments in India and in the last two years have already installed more than 10 machines which include entire lines. Sawant says, “In India there is huge opportunity in the snacks and frozen food segment. Companies like McDonalds and KFC are focussing on tier-2 cities at the moment. Others are in line to enter India. So much of infrastructure and highways are coming up which should all add to the growth figures in food segments. We hope to achieve a growth rate of at least 30% in the current financial year and are optimistic of our opportunities in the Indian market.”