Hell Gravure Systems and MDC Max Daetwyler join forces

Further consolidation in gravure prepress


owner of the MDC Max Daetwyler Group and Max Rid
A press release dated 23 January 2009 states that the two leading international manufacturers of gravure prepress equipment have formed a new joint venture holding company. Peter Daetwyler, owner of the MDC Max Daetwyler Group and Max Rid, owner of the companies Hell Gravure Systems, K. Walter, and Bauer Logistik have united their activities in developing, manufacturing, selling, after sales, and service of gravure cylinder making equipment. The new joint venture organisation to be known as Heliograph Holding GmbH can through its component companies, now offer the full spectrum of technologies as seamlessly integrated systems. The joint venture is effective as of 1 January 2009.
Max Rid and Peter Daetwyler have founded the new Heliograph Holding GmbH which will be home to the newly founded Daetwyler Graphics as well as the corporations HELL Gravure Systems, K.Walter, Bauer Logistik, Schepers, Daetwyler R&D Dayton, and their world wide daughter companies. Within the new holding structure these daughter companies will continue to distribute Daetwyler doctor blades and diamonds.

Max Rid will head Heliograph Holding as Chief Executive Officer. Additional officers of the holding corporation will be the CEOs of Daetwyler Graphics, Hell Gravure Systems, and K. Walter.

Group of independent brands with a complete product line The new Daetwyler Graphics AG in Bleienbach, Switzerland, will continue MDC Daetwyler AG\’s business of developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing gravure cylinder making equipment. All the companies now a part of Heliograph Holding will offer their products under their own names and their individual brands. The distribution channels including daughter companies and independent representatives will be united.

In the future, customers will be able to chose between electromechanical and laser based engraving technologies of Daetwyler, Hell Gravure Systems, and Schepers from one single source. These products can be combined with plating and automation technology from K.Walter, surface finishing technology from Daetwyler Graphics, and storage and transportation technology from Bauer Logistik into completely integrated systems.

Daetwyler SwissTec with its international manufacturing plants for doctor blades located in Switzerland, USA, China, and India, as well as the Industrial Manufacturing Branch of MDC Max Daetwyler AG with its Swiss sites in Bleienbach and Ursenbach as well as its site in Estonia will not be transferred into Heliograph Holding. They will continue to be lead independently by Peter Daetwyler.