Polyplex Thailand expansion likely to be deferred


The US$ 70 million in PET film and resin production at Polyplex’s Thailand plant is likely to be deferred by a few months due to the global economic slowdown. According to the company, they will definitely go ahead with the expansion in PET film production, PET resin output and metallised PET film production by 31,000 MT/year, 45,000 MT/year and 6,000 MT/year respectively at the Rayong industrial estate on the eastern coast of Thailand but will decide on the exact project implementation schedule early next year. Polyplex’s total captive PET resin production is 65,500 MT/year in India, 52,500 MT/year in Thailand and 45,500 MY/year in Turkey.
Polyplex Thailand (PTL) is setting up a US$ 15 million 10,000 MT/year cast polypropylene line and a 5,000 MT/year metalliser in Thailand that are expected to commence commercial production from the middle of 2009. Their PET film capacity expansion in India by 31,000 MT/year is also coming up on schedule.

PTL is hopeful of increasing their presence in the USA since the U.S. Department of Commerce has cleared their PET film from anti-dumping charges during October this year. Polyplex will invest US$ 7 million in Polyplex (Americas), its US-based subsidiary, to improve market share.