Signs three orders for the Ryobi series of four color presses

Provin Technos showcases LED UV at Pamex

Vinay Kaushal, managing director of Provin Technos, at the International Technology Conference in Mumbai. Photo IPP

Vinay Kaushal, managing director at Provin, said, “We displayed different products and machineries through illustrations and samples produced by in-line cold and hot foil and cure systems from Diversified Graphic Machinery (DGM). It can be retrofitted on any machine and requires two printing units to make the in-line process that is synchronized with machine speed. DGM has developed a patent pending cold foil process called Foildex. It saves around 82% of the cold foil waste.”

In the first print unit a cold foil adhesive is applied through the inking station with a standard litho plate onto the substrate. The cold foil adhesive can be applied as a spot or flood effect onto the entire sheet as the foil is only released onto the substrate where the ink-based adhesive is applied. The second unit is the actual cold foil application unit where the foil is applied onto the substrate and rewound. After the foil has been applied, the remaining printing units apply CMYK and spot colors resulting in a brilliant foil effect.

At the International Technology Conference, Kaushal gave a presentation on the advantages of LED UV over conventional UV presses in terms of power consumption. “In Europe, the use of UV mercury lamps is banned for environmental reasons, so LED is the only possible solution. Around 190 LED UV presses are installed worldwide and there are 140 presses in Japan. LED UV inks are available at an economical cost and the system can be made an in-line process in the existing press without the need to invest in a new press,” added Kaushal.

Provin also promoted Ryobi MHI Graphic Technology’s new logo which emphasized the company’s corporate philosophy and the message of coloring the world together. Kaushal said, “Pamex 2015 was more fruitful than the last year. We signed three orders for the Ryobi series of four color presses. Two of the 9-series four color presses will be installed in North India and a 7-series four color press will be installed in Central India.”

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