We begin finally

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our bimonthly Packaging South Asia.

We begin finally

Not many people give the packaging industry due credit. It is actually the world’s third largest industry after the food and energy-petrochemicals industries, with both of which it has extensive involvement. In most countries, it figures in the 5 largest industries and, quite often, it grows at a rate (5% to 8% per annum world-wide – 3% to 5% in the developed world and 15% per annum or more in the developing nations) that is between 2 and 3 times the GDP growth rate. It is a complex, specialised and dynamic business that is highly application oriented and it is the only industry that encompasses every single product made. It truly touches every one of us.

Packaging South Asia is aimed at covering this industry in a way that is interesting for all people ranging from the product managers, the end-users, buyers and suppliers of packaging to technologists, academia and policy makers. It is also committed to neutral analysis and presentation of the whole gamut of materials, systems, machinery and services across the entire spectrum of unit, secondary and transport packaging. A lot of attention will be paid to building up readership of the highest quality.

The major geographical focus will be on South Asia, where most of the ‘action’ is either happening or imminent. As it is, the developing countries are poised to overtake North America and Europe as the major consumers of packaging, with countries like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia figuring prominently. They are driven not only by booming domestic economies but also by their emergence as highly attractive offshore sourcing hubs for products and services. It is, therefore, expected that a lot of investment and other inputs will go into this part of the world towards not only boosting or supplementing production capacities but also for upgrading technologies to state-of-the-art.

Anyone looking at servicing these markets also needs insights into the local situations, nuances and problems. There is a considerable pool of skills, expertise and knowledge available in South Asia and PSA wishes to acknowledge these by providing a platform for people to express themselves through not only the magazine itself but also through industry meets, workshops, conferences, surveys and the like. A lot of our content will be sourced from industry specialists with equal emphasis on both news and analysis. We intend to make PSA an indispensable reference for anyone who has anything to do with packaging. Towards this, we have set up a special advisory editorial board comprising several well-known industry stalwarts.

PSA will feature columns in every issue on markets and trends, industry news, new products and processes, packaging design, coverage on events, environmental issues, brand security and product authentication, economic growth in South Asia, RFID, a technical paper and a section giving industry experts’ answers to queries from readers on technical problems. We hope to become the medium through which industry communicates information, news, ideas and concerns and interacts with others. We would very much want readers to write in and be part of this interaction.

Here’s looking forward to an enduring and fruitful association with all our supporters and readers.

As you join us today from India and elsewhere, we have a favour to ask. Through these times of ambiguity and challenge, the packaging industry in India and in most parts of the world has been fortunate. We are now read in more than 90 countries as our coverage widens and increases in impact. Our traffic as per analytics more than doubled in 2020 and many readers chose to support us financially even when advertising fell to pieces.

As we come out of the pandemic in the next few months, we hope to again expand our geography and evolve our high-impact reporting and authoritative and technical information, with some of the best correspondents in the industry. If there were ever a time to support us, it is now. You can power Packaging South Asia’s balanced industry journalism and help to sustain us by subscribing.

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