OQ Luban polypropylene impact copolymer portfolio, introducing Luban EP 2340L, EP 2340P, and EP 2348R, which underwent initial proving in 2022 and are set for a full launch in Q4 2023.

Headquartered in Oman, OQ stands out for its diverse expertise as an energy transition enabler across various markets. Excelling in polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), catering to both flexible and rigid packaging solutions, OQ has announced two major product launches designed to solve industry challenges and provide key sustainability benefits.

First is the OQ Luban polypropylene impact copolymer portfolio, introducing Luban EP 2340L, EP 2340P, and EP 2348R, which underwent initial proving in 2022 and are set for a full launch in Q4 2023. These grades, along with the upcoming Luban EP 2348S and EP 2348T are scheduled for launch in the same quarter. These products provide solutions covering a broad range of applications, including thin-walled packaging, appliances, automotive parts, and consumer goods, industrial, containers, crates, batteries, and beyond.

Alongside this, OQ is also launching Luban LL8446.21 – a new LLDPE Rotomoulding solution. Designed to enable safe, clean, and reliable storage and transportation of water and other liquids, it has multiple applications, including water tanks, chemical containers, pallets, traffic barriers, air conditioning enclosures and refuse bins.

OQ will showcase all its latest polymer portfolio innovations at Arabplast 2023 in Hall 4/C110

Enhancing food security and protecting water scarcity

These new solutions will help industries around the world to tackle some of the most pressing global challenges.

According to the United Nations, around 30% of the food that is produced fails to be consumed, a huge waste issue that is hindering opportunities for socioeconomic development in regions where food security is a major concern.

OQ’s polymer solutions, including the polypropylene ICP series, play a crucial role in empowering food producers with the necessary tools they require to address the food security challenge, as well as making it possible for end users to participate in the solution by not only effectively preserving their food during consumption, but also whilst it is on its journey through the value chain from field to table.

Through these solutions, OQ is contributing to the vital aspects of food safety, security, mitigation of food shortages, and the promotion of circularity within the food industry.

In tandem, OQ’s new LLDPE Rotomoulding grade Luban LL8446.21 will help to enhance water security at the point where it is consumed, especially in regions which are undergoing both rural development as well as rapid urbanization – situations which are likely to lead to water scarcity. This focused solution plays a pivotal role in enhancing water security by serving as a key component in the water distribution value chain, including water tanks and pipes, enabling the safe, clean, and reliable transportation and storage of water in both urban and rural areas. This underscores the increasing importance of such advancements in polymer technology, aligning with the rising demand for efficient water management solutions worldwide.

No compromise on quality

OQ’s solutions are positioned to create a meaningful impact, driven by their high quality, array of beneficial properties and rapid ability to produce at scale.

For the IPC portfolio, key benefits and features include:

Enhanced flowability: Helps to reduce energy input and lowers processing temperatures, resulting in cost and energy savings. Moreover, it allows for greater design freedom by enabling thinner walls to be achieved, reducing both weight and cost.

Reduced warpage: Allowing for faster cycle times during processing as well as efficiency during filling and stacking.

Dimensional consistency: Ensures product dimensional stability during use including during hot fill applications and stacking as well as reheating in the case of food savers.

Improved stiffness and toughness balance: Allowing for application versatility providing operational efficiency and cost savings during production whilst maintaining functionality during the full value chain including meeting storage and transportation requirements.

OQ Luban ICP solutions are designed around performance in an application. An example is Luban EP2340L, a perfect solution for crates and boxes due to its balance of very high impact and stiffness properties. Luban EP2348R, thanks to its good impact and stiffness, is the ideal grade to produce food containers and light weight pales. Luban EP2348T, meanwhile, due to its high flow, stiffness and low temperature impact is suited for thin-walled packaging solutions in food applications requiring refrigeration or freezing.

Trevor Robinson, adviser, Polymer Marketing, commented, “Our grade range is carefully crafted to provide comprehensive solutions across the thin-wall rigid packaging value chain, catering to both industrial and consumer thin-walled applications. Our focus goes beyond providing just the right grade for the application and extends to offering holistic solutions backed by services tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs. This enables the customers to innovate in the value chain keeping up with market trends, reducing reliance on imports.”

OQ’s LLDPE Rotomoulding grade Luban LL8446.21 is ideally suited for water tanks thanks to its excellent durability, processability and UV stabilization – the polymer design and resulting property balance including excellent ESCR and deformation under load ensures superior performance in the field.

In terms of design versatility, convertors can produce a range of roto-molded products with Luban LL8446.21 including for a wide range of water tank sizes, from the smallest models all the way up to 10,000 liters. The Luban LL8446.21 grade is also designed to offer excellent processability including a faster grinding rate. LLDPE roto-molding value chain solutions in addition, provide more cost effective and sustainable solutions over the service lifespan compared to the traditional alternatives such as GRP, metal, and concrete.

Trevor added, “In addition to offering top quality grades designed for purpose polyolefin solutions, OQ aims to provide best-in-class customer service to match. The OQ team is dedicated to assisting customers from the very start of our interaction in firstly selecting the right solutions that match their requirements. As we guide customers through field trials and commercial processes, we quickly learn their pain points, needs and requirements. Our goal is to demonstrate value that supports the customer’s needs.”

Packaging South Asia — resilient, growing and impactful — daily, monthly — always responsive

The multi-channel B2B in print and digital 17-year-old platform matches the industry’s growth trajectory. The Indian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Middle East packaging industries are looking beyond the resilience of the past three years. They are resuming capacity expansion and diversification, with high technology and automation in new plants and projects.

As we present our 2024 publishing plan, India’s real GDP growth for the financial year ending 31 March 2024 will exceed 6%. The packaging industry growth will match the GDP growth in volume terms and surpass it by at least 3% in terms of nominal growth allowing for price inflation in energy, raw materials, consumables, and capital equipment.

The capacity for flexible film manufacturing in India increased by 45% over the past four years. With orders in place, we expect another 20% capacity addition in 2024 and 2025. Capacities in monocartons, corrugation, aseptic liquid packaging, and labels are growing similarly. As the consumption story returns over the next six months, we expect demand to return and exceed the growth trajectory of previous years. The numbers are positive for most of the economies in the region – and as shown by our analytics, our platform increasingly reaches and influences these.

For responsible and sustainable packaging, with its attendant regulations and compliances, there is significant headroom to grow in India and the region. Our coverage includes the entire packaging supply chain – from concept to shelf and to waste collection, sorting, and recycling.

We target brand owners, product managers, raw material suppliers, packaging designers and converters, and recyclers. This is a large and complex canvas – the only thing that can work is your agile thinking and innovation together with our continuous learning and persistence.

The coming year looks to be an up year in this region, and this is the right time to plan your participation and marketing communication – in our rich and highly targeted business platform with human resources on the ground. Share your thoughts and plans to inspire and mobilize our editorial and advertising teams!

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– Naresh Khanna (25 October 2023)

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