Ipanema White with X-Dry technology and SH9020 adhesive

Self-adhesive paper for premium brands

Ipanema White with X-Dry technology and SH9020 adhesive

Having introduced Ipanema embossed self-adhesive paper back in 2018 as part of the wine lovers collection, which was designed especially for the premium wine-making sector, Fedrigoni Group is now expanding the versatility of this self-adhesive paper by combining it with recently developed new technologies.

Ipanema White is a pure chlorine-free natural paper with a textured surface. Thanks to the specific treatment added to the paper mixture, Ipanema offers the same performance as a barrier paper in the presence of condensation and humidity, but without the inconvenience of any rigidity that is given by a barrier.

With the embossed technique making this self-adhesive paper a tactile experience as well as visually appealing, the printing versatility makes this a perfect solution for the labeling of premium brands to exude luxury and sophistication. Thanks to the addition of the new X-Dry technology, Ipanema White X-Dry FSC is particularly a great partner for labels produced in the wine and spirits sector where label appeal plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of the buyer. It is also vitally important that the label maintains that appeal right through the chilling process until the last drop is taken. The X-Dry technology was specifically designed to preserve the initial label opacity and integrity after being exposed to extreme temperature changes in the fridge and ice bucket. Combined with a permanent acrylic adhesive SH-9020, it is said to be the ideal solution for all premium products requiring high-performing labels.



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