Rieke pioneers fully recyclable single material dispenser pumps

Reinforces commitment to provide sustainable customer solutions

Rieke’s first commercialized dispenser MonoTM-2e Pump
Rieke’s first commercialized dispenser MonoTM-2e Pump

Rieke, part of the TriMas Packaging group, has advanced its commitment to providing customers innovative solutions in the area of sustainability with the commercialization of its patented MonoTM-2e pump, a dispenser pump that is ready to be recycled. This innovation, which is in production today, is the first fully-recyclable, mono-material pump on the market. 

After proving production and commercial robustness for nearly one year, Rieke’s Mono-2e is commercially available and ready for advanced design applications for its consumer packaged goods (CPG) customers, serving the beauty, personal care, and other end markets with Love Beauty and Planet by Unilever. Rieke’s advancement and commercialization in the area of recycle-ready dispensers is a significant breakthrough in the packaging for the beauty and personal care industry.  

The single-polymer pump was designed to facilitate the recycling process for dispensers, which both CPG customers and consumers desired. As a result, Rieke’s global design and engineering teams conceived the Mono-2e. Until then, pumps were composed of various materials such as metal springs, polypropylene, polyethylene, and others. 

This range of combined materials requires special infrastructure for adequate recycling. For example, the metal spring in a traditional pump is detrimental to the plastic recycling stream. Therefore, a consumer would have to discard the closure before recycling. As an industry innovator, Rieke developed its mono-material pump without compromising quality, formula compatibility, aesthetics, or performance.

Rieke’s first mono-material pump is already available on the market

Today, Rieke’s unique dispenser made from a single type of polymer was the first commercial-ready option available to customers and is already well adopted in practice by a global CPG company as an integral part of the packaging for one of their major new brands. “Our goal was to deliver a pump, not only made with the same polymer but also with the same polymer grade to simplify the streamflow of recycling in the coming circular economy,” explained Howard Manning, Vice President, and General Manager Rieke Closures. 

This was a unique simplification in plastic, moving up to a circular economy model where the focus is optimizing the following stream at the end of the product’s lifecycle. The full homogeneity of the recycled polymer increases the performance and quality, while it extends possible high-quality applications of the following products molded in Post Consumer Resin

“This is an innovative model to shift the waste value chain where the product is not only designed to perform during the consumer’s use but also optimizes the regrinding offering to the next PCR user, providing the best stability in terms of viscosity and process. As a result, we have generated a high-value flow stream in a circular economy,” commented Fabio Salik, President of TriMas Packaging. 

Rieke Mono-2e getting recognition for its revolutionary design

The Rieke Mono-2e was recognized as a 2020 finalist of the Sustainability Packaging Coalition Innovator Awards for this revolutionary single-polymer design. The patented pump features six parts, all made from one material. It is 100% recyclable and designed to reduce its carbon footprint massively. It’s intended to be more easily recycled than ever before. 

This allows closures and dispensing systems manufacturer Rieke to use PCR with the ability to integrate up to 100% of postconsumer resin, Polypropylene, or Polyethylene into caps or closures. That gives each pump the best chance of a recycled, second life. Many thousands of consumers have already bought personal care products of a large global brand Love Beauty and Planet, by Unilever, focused on such a concept.

Rieke has the experience and the innovative resources to offer the largest range of recycle-ready dispenser pumps for its customers to meet their challenging sustainability targets.


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