Bobst AIOx clear coating technology

80+ flexible packaging converters converge in Bobst knowledge event

More than 80 flexible packaging converters and suppliers attended Bobst’s seminar on innovations in the field of vacuum metallizing and coating. Photo PSA

Carolin Struller from Bobst Manchester illustrated the company’s in-depth research on AlOx (Aluminium Oxide) clear coating—right from its production to its performance on various filmic substrates, through to its barrier retention with subsequent processes of printing and converting. Bobst provides a vacuum-coated clear barrier coating, which is a potential replacement for existing metallized structures and polymer clear coatings and combines the benefits of a clear barrier coating applied in atmosphere. A distinctive property of vacuum coating is that it requires only a small fraction of the thickness of equivalent atmospheric coating with the barrier properties of the two being similar. This results in a coating which involves a significantly lower production cost. Bobst uses a standard aluminium metallizer as a foundation for the AlOx process, which results in versatility as one machine can be used for two processes without compromise.

In another presentation, Nick Copeland held an insightful discussion on market trends, opportunities and Bobst’s latest innovation—AluBond. Copeland said, “AluBond is a hybrid coating technology which vastly improves metal adhesion.” Bobst AluBond can safeguard the barrier properties in the laminate structure through high metal adhesion process and provide the required shelf life to the packaging.