B&R Industrial Automation displays hardware and software solutions at Automation Expo 2019

Addressing demands of high-performance manufacturing

B&R Industrial Automation stand at Automation Expo 2019
B&R Industrial Automation stand at Automation Expo 2019

At the Automation Expo 2019, which took place in Mumbai from 25-28 September, B&R Industrial Automation showcased its hardware and software solutions that help customers adopt next-generation automation and digitization solutions and adapt to the unique industrial IoT space.

“Today’s manufacturing industry requires high-performance automation and digitization solution enabling improving productivity, overall efficiencies and thus profitability. Considering these requirements, B&R displayed various solutions such as ACOPOStrak, integrated machine vision, edge architectures, digital twin and asset performance monitor, amongst others. Visitors also experienced vendor-independent, open communication protocols OPC UA, Ethernet POWERLINK and openSAFETY, which are the backbone of successful Industry 4.0 implementation,” said Ninad Deshpande, marketing head at B&R Industrial Automation.

Also, B&R Education Network at the stand drew great interest and visitors from educational background such as students and professors, he said.

The expo has been a successful one for B&R. According to Deshpande, the company was able to meet several new customers and could interact with many of the existing ones.

In addition, with our presence in the Industry 4.0 kiosk we were able to interact with factory owners focusing on cost-effectively bringing smart intelligence to brownfield factories. With our presence in the career connect area, we were able to interact with aspiring students looking at making a career in the field of automation and robotics,” added Deshpande.

From the point of packaging industry, B&R displayed various automation technologies such as high performance motion control, industrial PCs, controllers, remote I/Os, safety technology, next generation product transport technology (ACOPOStrak and SuperTrak), intelligent machine vision system, edge architectures with predictive maintenance and energy monitoring at the exhibition that support packaging machinery performance, flexibility and efficiency.

“Our adaptive track system represents a paradigm shift in the way packaging machinery is built, which allows cost-effective mass customization. Across the globe, a number of packaging machines ranging from fillers, cappers and labelers to cartoners, assembly systems, rainbow packers and indexing systems are benefitting from our track technology. This track technology boosts overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), multiplies return on investment (ROI) and accelerates time to market (TTM),” said Deshpande.

Another B&R innovation at the show was machine vision that is flexible, versatile and integrated in the automation system rather than being a standalone solution, which reduces complexities, components and costs of machines at the same time increasing machine performance and speed. B&Rs vision systems are utilized in machines and lines for product inspection and position detection; raw material quality, process and label inspection, presence check and registration mark inspection to achieve highest quality and efficacy.


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