BST eltromat and Nyquist Systems at Labelexpo Brussels

Labelexpo Brussels, Stands D23 and E05

New TubeScan range by BST eltromat
New TubeScan range by BST eltromat

At Labelexpo Brussels, BST eltromat International and Nyquist Systems is showing new options for web monitoring and 100% inspection with the systems in the TubeScan series. Nyquist Systems has been part of the BST Group since the beginning of 2019. Under the slogan ‘Perfecting your Performance,’ BST eltromat and Nyquist are exhibiting the current results of their collaboration with Hybrid Software at their Stands D23 and E05 respectively in Hall 5.

Hybrid Software is a provider of solutions for PDF-based prepress workflows and linkups to management information systems (MIS). The collaboration has enabled the two companies to simplify and speed up setup processes in label printing (including quality assurance). Visitors at Labelexpo Brussels are exploring the latest options for the QLink workflow, which integrates quality assurance into the prepress stage, printing and assembly. More detailed technical options and features for the TubeScan product range are being shown at the Nyquist stand. Alongside 100% inspection, the BST eltromat stand is also displaying the company’s entire range for quality assurance in narrow-web processes – from web guiding, web monitoring, and register control to color measurement, color management and workflow solutions.

Stephan Krebs, chief executive officer of Nyquist Systems, said, “At Labelexpo Brussels, we want to talk to our customers and interested visitors in detail so that we can explore their individual requirements and show them the latest options for quality assurance,” Krebs hosted in-depth technical discussions around the latest trends in label and packaging production using narrow-web production systems. “In addition to producing printed materials with consistently high quality, other key topics for us include the consistent interconnection and automation of the machines and systems involved in the production processes in the spirit of smart factories,” Krebs added.

The new option of PDF comparison for print jobs directly in the printing machine was developed in close collaboration with Hybrid Software. With the PDF option, machine operators can ensure that their printing systems produce perfect quality instantly. Machine operators will no longer have to scan proofs and then compare them to the specifications from the prepress stage.

The PDF files for print jobs created during the prepress stage using Packz from Hybrid Software contain all the relevant parameters, including the requirements for inspecting the jobs that need to be printed, enabling faster printing and reduction in waste. This also applies to repeat lengths, N-up allocation and defining the inspection zones. The prepress stage is also able to define different inspection requirements for each zone, making them more or less stringent as necessary. For example, selected zones can be inspected in more detail than less critical zones.

All objects can now involve dynamic, variable data such as different barcodes or alphanumerical – even randomized – sequences. During the setup process, the actual print results are compared to the specifications in the PDF files right in the printing machines and corrected by the machine operators as required. Nyquist Systems is demonstrating these options at Labelexpo Europe using a workstation and a bidirectional assembly machine that fulfills pharmaceutical industry requirements.

The latest versions of the QLink workflow and TubeScan systems is being demonstrated live on rewinders at both the stands. The main topics here are integration with customer ERP systems, expanded options offered by the new, 4k high-resolution area scan camera, and the new Contour Light illumination option. This laterally directed light source can be used to make the outlines of transparent labels visible on paper or plastic carriers. The TubeScan range is known for diffuse standard background illumination, background illumination through the web and UV illumination for security features, etc. In addition to the new contour light, it also features three other independent illumination sources that cover a number of different web monitoring and 100% inspection requirements.

Thanks to its integration into the BST Group, Nyquist Systems now has access to additional resources for continuing to evolve the TubeScan range in collaboration with BST eltromat. This will generate a continuous flow of new opportunities for our customers to optimize their production processes and, in turn, cater to the latest requirements of their own customers with forward-looking solutions for quality assurance. That is also a message that we are passing on at our two exhibition stands at this year’s Labelexpo Europe,” explained Anne-Laureen Lauven, head of Marketing at BST eltromat.

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