Educating brand owners on the benefits of authentication solutions

ASPA extends its ‘Make Sure India’ campaign to Maharashtra

L-R: CS Jeena, secretary, ASPA; Arun Agarwal, general secretary, ASPA; Rohit D Mistry, deputy director-Asia, IHMA; and Deepak Gupta, GB member, ASPA

On this occasion Arun Agarwal, general secretary of ASPA said, “Product counterfeiting has become a menace, badly affecting Indian industries, the country, society and consumers at large. According to industry body FICCI, from the counterfeiting activity the Government of India incurred a loss of 26,190 crores in fiscal year 2011-12 which increased to 39,239 crores in 2013-14, a growth of 49.8% in two years.

To combat this problem as a non-profit association we brought world-class new generation effective authentic solutions which are empowering consumers, brand owners and government authorities to easily identify genuine goods and products. We are bridging the gap between brands and consumers by verifying and authenticating products to the consumer in real-time through mobile app, web application and SMS amongst others.

“We welcome the initiative of Government of India and the campaign ‘Make in India.’ However, there is a constant need to ensure that these ‘Made in India’ labelled products are genuine, safe and secure till they are delivered to the end consumer. The lack of awareness is making innocent people unknowingly buy fakes at the cost of original products. In one of the worst examples of causing harm, buying fake medicines or baby food can result in serious health issues or even loss of life,” said Agarwal.

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