Fresnel plans new move for the Western market

Fresnel lens packaging technology


The Shenzen-based sole distributor has introduced the foil products to enable the packaging sector outside of China to have available proven technology that will provide significant efficiency and cost-savings benefits.

Current fresnel effects for consumer products are achieved using PET laminates, which cover the whole packaging before being overprinted to leave only the lens showing through.

This method can be considerably expensive and wasteful in terms of materials, resulting in a product that can be costly to produce and cannot be recycled due to the high level of PET contained within the bulk of the laminate.

Now, the Fresnel Inc. technology coming onto the Western packaging market is seen as a cost-effective alternative to laminates, utilizing fully metallized or clear fresnel stamping foils that are approved for high-speed machine application and VOC certification.

The technology differs in that it selectively applies the lens only where required, reducing costs and producing an effect that provides an eye-catching display, which also significantly enhances resistance to counterfeiting because it cannot be removed or re-engineered.