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With the new Mink MV series, Busch has succeeded in developing claw vacuum pumps that have a significantly lower noise level than comparable pumps in the market. They are also extremely compact and efficient. The new series operates in the same way as its predecessors, that is, according to the dry and contact-free claw principle. Therefore, no operating fluid is required in the compression chamber, which means that all associated maintenance work, such as oil and filter changes, is eliminated. Thanks to the contact-free operation, there is no wear and thereby no need for replacing wearing parts.

Mink claw vacuum pumps are used to generate the vacuum required for feeding material into extruders and injection moulding machines pneumatically. Their high level of energy efficiency and wear-free operation make Mink claw vacuum pumps the most cost-effective solution for the pneumatic suction conveying of granulates.

In principle, Mink claw vacuum pumps are also suitable for use in centralized vacuum systems, which generate vacuum for feeding material into all injection moulding machines or extruders. An additional vacuum supply offers high energy-saving potential.

Mink claw vacuum pumps have been used for degassing extruders for over two decades now. Busch’s years of experience in degassing plastic melt during extrusion, expertise in separation technology and regular dialogue with customers enables it to offer tailor-made solutions for customers in the plastics and rubber industry in addition to standard degassing systems.

Apart from Mink claw vacuum pumps, Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps can also be used in degassing systems depending on the material to be extruded. Subject to the vacuum level required, Panda or Puma vacuum booster can be connected downstream as well.